Third Portfolio Update - A Real Black Swan Event

Hey guys, it has been a month or so since i last updated and suddenly there's a WuHan Virus Crisis (Black Swan Event) happening around the globe when the trade war/deal is not even completed. There's also the US/Iran problem also.

So many market opportunities although some counters' valuation still remain too expensive for my liking.

Ok Lets Go!


Current Portfolio of StashAway as of January 31/01/2020:


Current Portfolio of MoneyOwl as of January 31/01/2020:


Current Portfolio of Syfe as of January 31/01/2020:


Current Portfolio of Individual Stocks as of Janaury 31/01/2020:


Graph of my individual stock picks vs STI - Excludes StashAway, MoneyOwl & Syfe

- There were some exciting market movements the past few days but not enough for me to want to buy in till it reaches my desired entry level

- I will be ready to enter some of the counters i already have in my portfolio and some counters that i have been waiting for

- This is a real black swan event that is actually taking place right now but i don't have such a huge warchest at the moment to fully make use of the crisis happening now since i have some real life commitments

- I won't be selling any of my holdings since the fundamentals of the companies is still the same to me, just that their financial report will definitely have some negative changes because of all the global things happening right now and the market sentiment is kinda weak but not in the "fear" level yet

Summary for everything in Excel:

Corgi winking at all the readers and viewers.

If you are interested in reading my previous portfolio update, you can do so here.
That's all for now! Till next time! :)


One should always have a minimum of 6 months worth of emergency savings set aside before investing in the stock market for any sudden emergency like medical urgency or the sudden loss of a job.

This should only be used for emergencies and not be touched for any luxury purposes.

One should always have enough insurance coverage also before investing in case of any accidents or big medical expenses like cancer treatments etc.

Like they say, health is wealth.

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