Second Portfolio Update As A Boy In His Twenties

Hey guys, Nick here again! 
(introducing myself is so cringey 😂)

This is my second portfolio update and it will be the last for 2019.
I will try to keep it short so you don't get bored!

Okay, so it has been about 5 months since i started investing and to be honest, i'm still very new to investing and hope to learn from many of the more financial savvy people out there.

I will start the blog post with my Robo-Advisor's performance. 

After the previous update, i have decided now to allocate $300 equally into my StashAway, MoneyOwl and Syfe while the rest of my salary will either go into my warchest or my individual stock pick. 

Previously, i was just putting in $100 every month into StashAway and MoneyOwl only.

On a side note: 
I'm currently saving for a big-ticket item so i may not inject any capital for the next few months and also, i'm cautiously monitoring how 2020 will be like.

Ok, let's go!


Current Portfolio of StashAway as of December 31/12/2019:


Current Portfolio of MoneyOwl as of December 31/12/2019:


Current Portfolio of Syfe as of December 31/12/2019:


Current Portfolio of Individual Stocks as of December 31/12/2019:

Total Average Performance of Individual Stocks stands at 13.67% currently.
Total Duration: 5 months


Graph of my individual stock picks vs STI - Excludes StashAway, MoneyOwl & Syfe


Total Dividends Received:

- Now, you may be wondering why i am still holding onto Mapletree North Asia Trust
- You must be thinking i'm being crazy or stupid
- Yes, you are quite right

The next 2 quarters is confirmed to be a loss since the main contributor will be closed for almost 2-3 quarters which will miss out on, not only Christmas sales but also the New Year sales and Valentine's Day. Maybe Chinese New Year also.

To be honest, for this particular reit, my plan is to hold and when the next quarterly report is out, i will re-enter again at a much lower price. 

I know the strategy should be to sell my current holdings and re-enter again later with more capital but i guess i'm just putting my trust in the sponsor even though i know the results are gonna be like doom's day.

So yeah, my current plan is to hold and receive dividends for MNACT while waiting for share price to drop.
I'm also waiting patiently to pounce onto more shares once the next "gone-case" quarterly report is out. 

Summary for everything in Excel:

I am only a small insignificant fish trying my best to swim alongside the big whales of the ocean, hoping to ride the wave.

Corgi winking at all the readers and viewers.

If you are interested in reading my previous portfolio update, you can do so here.
That's all for now! Till next time! :)


One should always have a minimum of 6 months worth of emergency savings set aside before investing in the stock market for any sudden emergency like medical urgency or the sudden loss of a job.

This should only be used for emergencies and not be touched for any luxury purposes.

One should always have enough insurance coverage also before investing in case of any accidents or big medical expenses like cancer treatments etc.

Like they say, health is wealth.

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